At LearnspirationTM, we believe that old age learning approaches are not effective for the current times. We bring to you the most exciting learning and development programs with Corporate training in Bangalore to help both individuals and organizations succeed.

At LearnspirationTM, we dedicate ourselves to the delivery of world-class learning programs that help both individuals and organizations succeed in these changing times.

We accomplish this through our NEXGEN Corporate Training approach is both immersive and intense.

Rediscover the joy of learning..

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To drive a lasting positive change in individuals and teams, thereby helping the organization achieve its stated objectives.

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To revolutionize the learning process by designing effective, intuitive and fun-based programs, executed through our Experiential Self-Discovery Framework.

Our focus is to develop our client’s skills alongside their learning objectives, thereby building efficient teams, effective leaders and successful organizations.


We are unique and original, always.


We take pride in our work. We strive to do well in all that we do


We do the right thing, no matter what it takes.

It is a unique learning and development program aimed at the individual’s performance by involving themselves in the corporate training methodology. Unlike, the traditional methods of either a classroom procedure or a corporate training companies system by which you impart the Soft Skills to the participants by the trainers.

We established a cordial environment in the organization whereby the participants are encouraged to communicate freely with not only the internal customers but also the external ones. The objective is to improve interaction and communication and soft skills training in an efficient and mature manner.

Our products are customized, fun-based and non-conventional, we have built 10+ unique and individual offerings, each with different objectives and capabilities, with an individualistic approach to each participant of the learning and development program through several team-based programs, external corporate team building outing activities and Corporate Training in Bangalore.

Our focus is based on the principals of the reverse learning approach, but the participants are the real trainers, we just help the participants in the learning process.

We have devised certain programs aimed at furthering the Corporate learning of the development process of the Leadership Training,Corporate Team Building Activities in Bangalore and corporate training category involving management personnel. For Leadership Skills we convey preparing programs modified to suit the requirements of the customer. We have, in our repertoire, certain unique Corporate Training programs that would help the Leadership Training and team to enhance further the soft skills training in meeting the corporate objectives, processes, and initiatives.

Escape Reality


Stimulate your senses as you engage in compelling real-life situations! For a Newer You!

Express Yourself


Unleash your potential and act with poise as you are sent to learn human dynamics the fun way.

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