4 New Age Issues that Next Gen Corporate Training for Employees Engagement Activities address in the Current Changing World

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Companies thrive and flourish due to its People and Vision. For the success of an organization, there are controllable and uncontrollable factors. Uncontrollable factors are Regulations by the Government, entry of competitors, economic crisis, changing business environments and peoples’ sentiments, all these have a drastic impact on the way a business is run.Corporate Training for Employee Engagement Activities address in the current changing world.

Controllable factors are the people that make up an organization, the workforce, the leaders being hired, management, goals and visions, driving culture and how we, as an Organization, respond to the uncontrolled factors. 

Through years of research and direct experience in interacting with L&D and HR teams that help make the workforce relevant and productive, we, at Learnspiration have understood that traditional corporate training for Employees Engagement Activities approaches may not always provide meaningful solutions to new age problems faced by corporate. 

Building a company has numerous challenges, right from proof of concept, the first employee, first client/customer, establishing a repeatable self-sustainable process, a visionary thought to create something that the world hasn’t seen, sustainability coupled with growth, brand, fun team building for employees engagement activities and so on. An organization evolves along with the changing economic landscape and as we know, change is the only constant.

To be ahead of the game, there are innumerous skills required to battle the challenges faced by companies and stay relevant, focused and successful. Every now and then people need to be aligned with the Vision of the company. Decisions need to be taken at all levels from time to time for an organization to be relevant.

With the passage of time, the issues that we face has evolved. Through a survey of 55 L&D and HR Teams conducted over the past year, we have documented the top 4 issues faced by organizations.

  1. Employees prefer to stay in their comfort zone

Today’s generation, in many ways, considered smarter than the previous generation. While they are more pro-risk taking, the environment and the comfort the world offers does not help them get aggressive without sufficient incentive. 

Though employees may be aligned to the organization’s vision, at times, this comfort seeking mentality imbibed through the advancements in modern technology and infrastructure developments could have strong negative long term effects on the company’s relevance, sustenance and growth. 

This is why we see Trillion $ companies such as Amazon spring up in just over a decade challenging the traditional brick and mortar super-giants such as Walmart and Target. 

    2.Employees feel vulnerable and obsolete

Organizations have pressures from numerous directions. Cost pressures could lead to the management deciding to choose the dynamic and smart Next Gen resources to high cost experienced veterans in a company. 

This could have a strong change in dynamics and if this insecurity faced by these experienced resources is not properly channelized, the organization may lose an opportunity to effectively manage its resources.

     3.Employees do not take Ownership

One of the key skills that has become increasingly relevant in current times is Leadership. Today, organizations look for ownership and leadership capabilities in people across all levels. In fact, taking ownership and driving tasks towards completion has become a skill that the millennial generation is wary off. 

Organizations constantly face situations where employees do not feel a sense of belonging and a lack of alignment to the vision of the organization. This one factor has far reaching consequences and could directly impact the efficiency and relevancy of the organization.

  4.Organizations have not always been able to imbibe a strong culture in its employees

Culture is one factor that makes an office feel like home. It the real currency of connection between employees. It is the one thing that defines the organization’s identity. 

Organizations have real challenges in driving this kind of alignment and change in employees at every level, in a manner that would be accepted by most, if not all employees. An organization that is culturally united has strong chances of battling the odds and standing firm against the tide. 

To battle these kind of new age challenges, an organization should work on a multi-dimensional focused approach to drive strong and clear messages to its employees. One of the key aspects that organizations look for are new age methods and experiences that could help impart these thought processes in people while making the entire experience fun and exciting. 

Reach out to us to know how we could help in addressing some of these new age challenges and playing a small albeit significant role in making a difference to your organization.