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Vulnerability as a key trait of a courageous Leader

Vulnerability is an inescapable trait. It exposes a person to his/her weakness to the world and leaves everything out there for people to judge. So
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How different are the Millennials compared to the previous generation and why? How to lead them effectively!

The things that come to mind first when you hear the word millennial are generally: A bunch of highly individualistic people who are unconventional, need
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team building activities for employee engagement

What it takes to be an Empowering Leader rather than a Micromanaging Boss

Would you rather work for a boss who micromanages or a boss who empowers you?   The transition that one makes from an employee to a
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Corporate Team Building Activities in Bangalore

4 New Age Issues that Next Gen Corporate Training for Employees Engagement Activities address in the Current Changing World

Companies thrive and flourish due to its People and Vision. For the success of an organization, there are controllable and uncontrollable factors. Uncontrollable factors are
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