Bigger the obstacle, greater the opportunity for deep, impactful learning.

Our specially designed activities create concrete experiences that facilitate self-discovery. This provides the distinct opportunity to reveal the true self to the individual. Mission objectives will require individuals to cultivate and utilize crucial skills such as creative thinking, collective intelligence and cognitive leadership. This provides the perfect platform to both learn them intuitively and apply them. These NEXGEN scenarios are life-like, exciting and provide a strong environment for deep, immersive experiences.
Escape Reality


Imagine, you, as a team, turn into detectives to solve a murder case or become gangsters and try to rob the riches from a new age bank. These NEXGEN, story-based, real life-like exciting scenarios provide a strong platform to provide deep immersive experiences as the teams figure out a way to achieve their objectives while racing against time.

This unique activity is a well-balanced combination of 3 critical aspects: Place, Perspective and Props that provide the ideal set of experiences and environment that stimulates self-reflection and intuitive learning, making it a perfect arena to realign teams and build various critical skills in your organization.


Team Size: Upto 40 Members

Express Yourself


We at Learnspiration, through our Act UP Program enable you to find the answers to the above mentioned questions and many more. It helps you to have an Awareness in Action, explore the leader within you, work within team, co-ordinate, work out of silos, delegate, be creative and innovative.And above all Act UP is an experience and journey towards Self Awareness and Actualization.


 Team Size: Upto 200 Members

Every Second Counts


Evolutionarily, man is a risk taker. We are a product of risky activities such as hunting and scavenging in high volatile environments. Through these actions, the ancient man learnt the art of team work, co-operation and leadership without which, survival was questionable. In our modern life, these skills are not as frequently used as existential needs have drastically reduced due to advances in various fields. But its has its costs – Man has lost touch with his TRUE self, creating in him a deep unsaid sense of stress, frustration and loneliness.

We at LearspirationTM, through our EVERY SECOND COUNTS Program re-kindle those innately strong hidden traits to impart life lessons on behavior, management and decision making.

Team Size: Upto 400 Members



You and your comrades are members of an elite squad. You have received co-ordinates of an attack behind enemy lines. The coordinates are far off from where you are, with many obstacles in between! Other countries are rushing to meet you there, to help you in your mission. Can you accomplish your mission before time runs out.

We believe that there is a clear sense of passion, vision and drive in each participant as he / she lay down his / her life for a cause, their people, and their nation. 

Through this activity, the teams learn a great deal about the value of critical thinking, unit cohesion and time management. These are necessary skills for making your business thrive.


Team Size: Upto 150 Members

Timely Tuning


What comes to your mind when you think of the world “music”?

Music, a powerful form of self-expression, is a composition of various isolated pieces of sound that are harmonized, co-ordinated, organized and directed in a enjoyable form. Great music is a creative mastery of these components as the message is effectively communicated to the audience. In the absence of this synergetic effect, we would have just termed it NOISE – meaningless disturbance.

At LearnspirationTM, we aim to impart valuable lessons in team work, management and leadership through this transcendental activity that, at its core, encompasses these skills.


Team Size: Upto 200 Members



Who do you think of when you hear the word cooking?

The Art of cooking, in our traditional Indian society, has played a role far greater than mere making of food. It has served as one of the most powerful forms of self expression of deep emotions such as love, joy, togetherness and respect for others. It has nurtured relationships for countless centuries. Cooking has instilled a strong feeling of ‘We Feeling’ in our cultures. We have built a world-class program that helps you and your organization imbibe these values as they cook and dine together the Learnspiration way.

Team Size: Upto 200 Members 

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